Our Story

About Us

Transform any meal into a healthy and delightful experience.

Our history

“I started this business because of my love for enjoying local food and to share this shared love with diverse communities in the local and international space. ”

Carlon Kennedy


100% Natural Ingredients

Our products are made using natural products from agricultural produce and ensure you get the best.

Potent Ingredients

We use ingredients that adds to one’s nutritional intake and may help fight against lifestyle diseases.

Caribbean Products

Our products carry natural flavors derived from our local ingredients to create Caribbean flavours you enjoy.


Quality products that are healthy and taste good!


High Potency & Versatility

Kennedys brand products offers a level of potency granting the user the ability to use our products such as the sauces for example, as a condiment and as an ingredient. Most of the products produced carry the value of versatility.


Caribbean Flavours

With Kennedys brand products, you can experience the Caribbean on demand through food. Kennedy’s has a wide range of authentic Caribbean flavours that will tantalise your taste buds.


Add A Kick To Your Meals

If you’re looking for a unique Caribbean flavor, a mind-blowing experience, then Kennedy’s products are the choice for you. Give your baked goods, soups, and sauces a kick you will not regret.

Enjoy Food

Add Caribbean flavour to your life